Well look at you wanting to know a little more about me and my sassy self!

I am Rosie Sings - born circus girl and of Milton Keynes origin.

From a very young age I discovered that I couldn’t juggle, tightrope walk or breathe fire like my family members and due to being a millennial I just don’t have time (once I’ve posted the perfect profile picture and ordered a chai latte) to learn new things. I was therefore given the role of magicians assistant and squeezed myself into boxes (and lycra) for a few years until I found Musical Theatre and moved to London. I trained at The London School of Musical Theatre bagged myself an agent and I am so grateful to have toured internationally as an actress. It was while visiting Scotland that I rediscovered my love for breaking the fourth wall and connecting with my audiences on an intimate level. I moved to Edinburgh and started writing and producing my own shows and I haven't looked back. 





I love facts - you can't argue with them and because they help us understand one another a little better, I really want to share them with you. My first show Facts About Me premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017. This was my introduction to the world, my baby, which is ironic because I’m not a fan of squeezing things out of my area. I am however a fan of things entering my area so we decided to talk about the men I’ve had in my second show Facts About Love which had queues at the door, five star reviews and then went to London - just stating facts guys.

It was at the tender age of twenty nine, when I was swiping through the dating app Bumble, that I then developed an itchy area. This life changing experience has inspired my next show My Vagina's Priceless! - the factual story of how catching an STI led me to the love of my life today. Featuring entirely original music and writing you can now check out where the show is heading next.

At the Rosie Sings HQ we believe that we are all entitled to exploring a love life in a sex-positive world without the stigma and it is my promise to you to be unconditionally, unapologetically ME! 

I'm now based in Alloa, Scotland and you can catch me at a variety of nights hosting, singing and reminding you all to play safe. I usually post all my up and coming shows via social media on Instagram and Facebook or via the Gigs page.

Should you want to hire me for any of your events please see hire and or get in touch: contact@rosie-sings.com 

Until we meet at my next show, subscribe below, be yourself and wash your fanny.



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