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Well look at you wanting to know a little more about me and my inappropriate self!

I am Rosie Sings - born circus girl and of Milton Keynes origin.


From a very young age I discovered that I couldn’t juggle, tightrope walk or breathe fire like my family and due to being a millennial I just don’t have time, once I’ve found the perfect profile picture and ordered a chai latte, to learn new things.


While Mumma Sings was busy sharing her psychic abilities and my Pappa was Clowning around in exchange for money, I found Musical Theatre which explains why 'I Am What I Am' ('re welcome). I have been very lucky in my career and have had numerous experiences travelling the world as a vocalist and actress. 

I LOVE FACTS and I want to share them with you. My first Edinburgh Fringe show ‘Facts About Me’ was my baby which is ironic because I’m not a fan of squeezing things out of my area. I am however a fan of things entering my area so we decided to talk about the men I’ve had in my second show ‘Facts About Love!’ (which kinda sold out and got 5 star reviews #justsayin).


It was while exploring the single girl life at the age of 29 that I then developed an itchy area. This life changing experience has inspired my next show ‘Clap for my Prince!’ ... the factual story of how catching an STI led me to the love of my life today. Due to covid we haven’t started developing this show yet so watch this space - I'm coming!

At the Rosie Sings HQ we believe that we are all entitled to exploring a love life in a sex-positive world without the stigma.

I'm now based in Scotland and you can catch me at a comedy night, hosting, trying out something new or reminding you all to wear a condom.

Until we meet at my next show ... subscribe below, play safe and wash your fanny.

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